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Building the Future

The YKLI Expansion Campaign

Visionaries and Dreamers...

Welcome to the
Campus of the Future.

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Chinuch exemplified.

The YKLI Mission

We’ve built a Yeshiva that teaches tools and techniques, not just knowledge and information. We know that a confident child is a successful child. When you give a boy the tools to unlock learning, you’ve opened the world to him – a world with endless opportunities to grow.


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Exemplary Alumni


Devoted Staff Members

The Future is Here.

At YKLI, we understand that chinuch is more about tomorrow than today.

Our enrollment has swelled beyond our current building’s capacity. Now, we must expand our building to meet today’s demand and tomorrow’s needs.

Yeshiva Ketana is the Yeshiva of the future; our expansion will create The Campus of the Future.
This is no ordinary campaign. It is a campaign for forward-thinking individuals who are passionate about impacting the future and driven to see our Yeshivos flourish. It is for visionaries who value a Torah chinuch that will have a lifelong influence.

Join us as we build the future with The Campus of the Future.

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Erev Shavuos Seder 5783
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Expansion Updates


We're ready to build your legacy

A full range of Dedication Opportunities so you can impact generations.

Tomorrow Begins Today

Let's build the future together.

We believe that every child deserves the very best tools to help him succeed in Yeshiva and beyond. We are committed to providing an empowering atmosphere that promotes growth and development at all levels!

Watch as we progress...